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4-Hydroxycarbazole, 4-(2,3-epoxypropoxy)carbazole and 2-(2-methoxyphenoxy)ethanamine hydrochloride, intermediates for the synthesis of carazolol and carvedilol are available.:

Halogenated Intermediates

Technology has been developed for highly efficient, cost effective production of chlorinated, brominated or iodinated intermediates. These have wide uses in pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals and other fine chemicals. Examples of the types of material that can be produced are:

Chiral Intermediates & Resolving Agents

An increasing number of pharmaceutical & agrochemical products are chiral. To manufacture these materials cost effectively requires chiral precursors, chiral synthesis or resolution of racemic mixtures. Kemprotec has many years experience of resolutions, racemisations and resolving agent recovery. We can supply resolving agents such as DTTA which is widely used for resolution of amines.

We can also provide a service for recovery and recycle of the used resolving agent and racemisation of the unwanted isomer.

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